WILLIAM de BOHUN, 1st EARLY OF NORTHAMPTON b 1312 and Elizabeth de Badlesmere, Countess

William de Bohun 1st Earl of Northampton was born in 1312 in Caldecot, Northhampton, England. He was christened in Herefordshire, England. He died in 1360 in Walden Abbey, Essex, England. He was buried on 24 Sep 1360 in Walden Abbey, Essex, England. He married Elizabeth de Badlesmere Countess of Northampton Elizabeth de Badlesmere Countess of Northampton was born in 1313 in Baldesmere Castle, England. She died in 1356 in Richmond Castle, Surrey, England. She was buried in London, Middlesex, England.


William de Bohun 1st Earl of Northampton, son of Humphrey de Bohun 4th Earl of Hereford and Elizabeth “Plantagenet” of Rhuddlan, was born in 1312 in Caldecot, Northampton, England and died in 1360 at age 48.


In 1332 he received many new properties: Hinton and Spaine in Berkshire; Great Haseley, Ascott, Deddington, Pyrton and Kirtlington in Oxfordshire; Wincomb in Buckinghamshire; Longbenington in Lincolnshire; Kneesol in Nottinghamshire; Newnsham in Gloucestershire, Wix in Essex, and Bosham in Sussex.


He was created Earl of Northampton in 1337, one of the six earls created by Edward III to renew the ranks of the higher nobility. Since de Bohun was a younger son, and did not have an income suitable to his rank, he was given an annuity until suitable estates could be found.


In 1339 he accompanied the King to Flanders. He served variously in Brittany and in Scotland, and was present at the great English victories at Sluys and was a commander at Crcy.


In addition to being a warrior, William was also a renowned diplomat. He negotiated two treaties with France, one in 1343 and one in 1350. He was also charged with negotiating in Scotland for the freedom of David Bruce, prisoner of the English


William married Elizabeth de Badlesmere Countess of Northampton. The child from this marriage was:


  1.  Elizabeth de Bohun


Elizabeth was born at Castle Badlesmere, Kent, England in 1313 to Bartholomew de Badlesmere, 1st Baron Badlesmere and Margaret de Clare. She was the third of four daughters. She had one younger brother Giles de Badlesmere, 2nd Baron Badlesmere (18 October 1314- 7 June 1338) who married Elizabeth Montagu, by whom he had four daughters.


Her paternal grandparents were Guncelin de Badlesmere and Joan FitzBernard. Her maternal grandparents were Thomas de Clare, Lord of Thomond and Juliana FitzGerald of Offaly.


Elizabeth’s father was hanged on 14 April 1322 for treason against King Edward II of England, and her mother imprisoned in the Tower of London until 3 November 1322. She had been arrested the previous October for refusing Queen Isabella admittance to Leeds Castle, where Lord Badlesmere held the post of castellan.


In 1328, Elizabeth’s brother Giles obtained a reversal of his father’s attainder, and he succeeded to the barony as the 2nd Baron Badlesmere. Elizabeth, along with her three sisters, was a co-heiress of Giles who had no male issue. Upon his death in 1338, the barony fell fell into abeyance. The Badlesmere estates were divided among the four sisters.


On 27 June 1316, when she was just three years old, Elizabeth married her first husband Sir Edmund Mortimer (1310- 16 December 1331) son of Roger Mortimer, 1st Earl of March and Joan de Geneville. The marriage produced two sons:


  1. Roger Mortimer, 2nd Earl of March (11 November 1328 Ludlow Castle- 26 February 1360), married Philippa Montacute, daughter of William Montacute, 1st Earl of Salisbury and Catherine Grandison, by whom he had issue, including Edmund Mortimer, 3rd Earl of March).
  2. John Mortimer (died young)


In 1335, just over three years after the death of Edmund Mortimer, Elizabeth married secondly William de Bohun, 1st Earl of Northampton (1312- 1360), fifth son of Humphrey de Bohun, 4th Earl of Hereford and Elizabeth of Rhuddlan. He was a renowned military commander and diplomat.


A papal dispensation was required for their marriage as de Bohun and her first huband, Sir Edmund Mortimer were related in the third and fourth degrees of consanguinity by dint of their common descent from Enguerrand de Fiennes, Seigneur de Fiennes.


By her second marriage, Elizabeth had two more children:


  1. Humphrey de Bohun, 7th Earl of Hereford 6th Earl of Essex, 2nd Earl of Northampton (24 March 1342- 16 January 1373), after 9 September 1359, married Joan Fitzalan, by whom he had two daughters, Eleanor de Bohun Duchess of Gloucester, and Mary de Bohun, wife of Henry of Bolingbroke (who later reigned as King Henry IV).
  2. Elizabeth de Bohun (c.1350- 3 April 1385), on 28 September 1359, married Richard Fit zalan, 11th Earl of Arundel, by whom she had seven children including Thomas Fitzalan, 12th Earl of Arundel, Elizabeth FitzAlan and Lady Joan FitzAlan, Baroness Bergavenny.


Elizabeth de Badlesmere died on 8 June 1356, aged about forty-three years old. She was buried in Black Friars Priory, London. She left a will dated 31 May 1356, requesting burial at the priory. Mention of Elizabeth’s burial is found in the records (written in Latin) of Walden Abbey which confirm that she was buried in Black Friars:


Anno Domini MCCCIxx.obiit Willielmus de Boun, Comes Northamptoniae, cujus corpus sepelitur in paret boreali presbyterii nostri. Et Elizabetha uxor ejus sepelitur Lundoniae in ecclesia fratrum praedictorum ante major altare. Her many descendants included Kings Henry V of England and Edward IV of England, Anne Mortimer, Anne Boleyn, Mary Boleyn, and Diana, Princess of Wales.