Life Event

Birth 1820  Vilsbek, Schlesvig, Denmark
Birth of sibling 3 April 1822 ‎(Age 2)‎ Holbol, Åbenrå, Denmark
Sister: Cecelia Marie Matthiasen Berg  (I6440)
Death of sibling 1823 ‎(Age 3)‎ Holbol, Åbenrå, Denmark
Sister: Inger Marie Matthiasen Berg  (I6439) ‎(Age 5)‎
Death of father 1826 ‎(Age 6)‎ Father: Mathias Mathiasen Berg  (I3347) ‎(Age 42)‎
Death of mother 10 January 1828 ‎(Age 8)‎ Mother: Sophie Magdalena Dastrup  (I226) ‎(Age 45)‎
Marriage Hans Lorentz Dastrup – ‎[View Family ‎(F125)‎‎]
16 October 1841 ‎(Age 21)‎
Marriage of a first cousin 16 October 1841 ‎(Age 21)‎ Male cousin: Hans Lorentz Dastrup  (I195) ‎(Age 28)‎
Cousin-in-law: Ane Marie Mathiasen Berg  (I206) ‎(Age 21)‎
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Death of sibling 22 June 1842 ‎(Age 22)‎ Sister: Christina Berg  (I6441) ‎(Age 29)‎
Birth of a child
4 February 1845 ‎(Age 25)‎ Holbaek, Holbæk, Denmark
Son: Hans Lorentz Dastrup Jr.  (I208)
Death of mother’s sibling 28 November 1847 ‎(Age 27)‎ uncle: Peder Dastrup  (I222) ‎(Age 77)‎
Death of mother’s sibling about 1860 ‎(Age 40)‎ aunt: Anna Sophia Maria Dastrup  (I220) ‎(Age 94)‎
Marriage of a first cousin 26 August 1862 ‎(Age 42)‎ Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States
Male cousin: Hans Lorentz Dastrup  (I195) ‎(Age 48)‎
Cousin-in-law: Anne Marie Anderson  (I579) ‎(Age 22)‎
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Marriage of a child 18 December 1868 ‎(Age 48)‎ Salina, Sevier, Utah, United States
Son: Hans Lorentz Dastrup Jr.  (I208) ‎(Age 23)‎
Daughter-in-law: Alice Ann Tolman  (I4199) ‎(Age 16)‎
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Birth of a grandchild
20 December 1870 ‎(Age 50)‎ Scipio, Millard, Utah, United States
Granddaughter: Emeline Dastrup  (I4206)
Father: Hans Lorentz Dastrup Jr.  (I208) ‎(Age 25)‎
Mother: Alice Ann Tolman  (I4199) ‎(Age 18)‎
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Birth of a grandchild
14 October 1871 ‎(Age 51)‎ Gunnison, Sanpete, Utah, United States
Granddaughter: Alice Dastrup  (I4211)
Father: Hans Lorentz Dastrup Jr.  (I208) ‎(Age 26)‎
Mother: Alice Ann Tolman  (I4199) ‎(Age 19)‎
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Death of sibling 25 February 1872 ‎(Age 52)‎ Sister: Cecelia Marie Matthiasen Berg  (I6440) ‎(Age 49)‎
Birth of a grandchild
15 March 1873 ‎(Age 53)‎ Richfield, Sevier, Utah, United States
Granddaughter: Ann Marie Dastrup  (I4208)
Father: Hans Lorentz Dastrup Jr.  (I208) ‎(Age 28)‎
Mother: Alice Ann Tolman  (I4199) ‎(Age 20)‎
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Death of a grandchild 14 October 1873 ‎(Age 53)‎ Granddaughter: Alice Dastrup  (I4211) ‎(Age 2)‎
Burial of a grandchild 15 October 1873 ‎(Age 53)‎ Richfield, Sevier, Utah, United States
Granddaughter: Alice Dastrup  (I4211) ‎(1 day after death)‎
Birth of a grandchild
5 February 1875 ‎(Age 55)‎ Gunnison, Sanpete, Utah, United States
Granddaughter: Sarah Jane Dastrup  (I4204)
Father: Hans Lorentz Dastrup Jr.  (I208) ‎(Age 30)‎
Mother: Alice Ann Tolman  (I4199) ‎(Age 22)‎
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Birth of a grandchild
15 January 1877 ‎(Age 57)‎ Gunnison, Sanpete, Utah, United States
Grandson: John Alvin Dastrup  (I4203)
Father: Hans Lorentz Dastrup Jr.  (I208) ‎(Age 31)‎
Mother: Alice Ann Tolman  (I4199) ‎(Age 24)‎
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Birth of a grandchild
12 February 1878 ‎(Age 58)‎ Gunnison, Sanpete, Utah, United States
Grandson: Lorentz Albert Dastrup  (I4200)
Father: Hans Lorentz Dastrup Jr.  (I208) ‎(Age 33)‎
Mother: Alice Ann Tolman  (I4199) ‎(Age 25)‎
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FamilySearch Id K2WM-55D
Death 13 March 1880 ‎(Age 60)‎ Sigurd, Sevier, Utah, United States
Burial 16 March 1885 ‎(5 years after death)‎ Sigurd, Sevier, Utah, United States