Category: Ane Marie Mathiasen Berg

  Born ‪4 February ‪1845 in Holbaek, Holbæk, Denmark.‌ ‌He married Alice Ann Tolman ‪18 December ‪1868 in Salina, Sevier, Utah, United States.‌ ‌He died ‪13 October ‪1916 in Salina, Sevier, Utah, United States. He was buried October ‪1916‌ ‌in Salina, Sevier, Utah, United States.‌

  Birth 4 February 1845  Holbaek, Holbæk, Denmark Marriage of father 26 August 1862 ‎(Age 17)‎ Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States Father: Hans Lorentz Dastrup  (I195) ‎(Age 48)‎ Step-Mother: Anne Marie Anderson  (I579) ‎(Age 22)‎ ‎[View Family ‎(F126)‎‎] Marriage Alice Ann Tolman – ‎[View Family ‎(F1426)‎‎] 18 December 1868 ‎(Age 23)‎ Salina, Sevier, Utah, United States Birth of a child #1 20 December 1870 ‎(Age 25)‎ Scipio, […]