John Black Ely NevadaMy name is John Black. I am a great grandson of Hans Lorentz Dastrup. I am a native of Sigurd, Utah,  I was born and subsequently raised in the home my grandfather John Dastrup built. My mother is Mary Beatrice Dastrup Black, daughter of John and Minnie Snow Dastrup.  I grew up working in the hay, sugar beet, and potatoes fields along side my grandpa John Dastrup and my Uncle Harvey Dastrup.


I would like to give credit for the design of this web site to my grandson, Joseph Bergen, who over the years developed, and supported, a number of genealogy websites forjoseph-bergen-photo-for-genealogy me, while at the same time working his way through Stanford and Harvard University.




For the purpose of navigational hints, the front page will be referred to as the “HOME.”  If while browsing you would like to return to the front page,  just click on the “Dastrup Family Genealogy” bar at the top left of any page you are viewing, or simply backspace, if appropriate. Also, words, sentences, or URL’s, in blue are hyperlinks which will take you to a related website on the internet.


The Tag  section is the most important part of this website. It is comprised of posts to various Dastrup family individuals  that may be of interest to all family members. It also includes various publications that are germane to the Dastrup family in the early days Sevier County days. If you have anything of this nature you would like me to post, please let me know. Anything you can contribute would be very much appreciated.

Fron Page Tags

When you click on a tag, you will be presented with a list of one or more titles. Select a title and click on it to view.

Introduction tag menu

How to view an individuals genealogy

To access Hans Lorentz Dastrup, Ane Marie Anderson, and Ane Marie Mathiasan Berg’s, genealogy, click on their names in the slide show at the top of the home page as illustrated in the following photo:

Font & Color Changes

Links to the children of Hans Lorentz Dastrup, and his two wives,  are listed in the lower right hand side of the welcome screen, as shown in the following photo:

Front Page Catagories


Select an individual, in this case, Annie Marie Dastrup and click on her name

Annie Dastrup 1

 The next screen will show basic genealogy information pertaining to the individual selected. To access FamilySearch  just click on  the FamilySearch green bar and you will be linked to the FamilySearch sign-on page. Once signed in, you will go directly to Annie Marie Dastrup’s pedigree chart in FamilySearch.You only have to sign in once for the entire computer session.

Anna Marie Familysearch

On the FamilySearch website you will find many different views of the selected person’s genealogy. Navigating this website is fairly intuitive, it takes a little time to get familiar with it

Anna Marie Introcution

Last, but not least, the “Recently Updated” section is where you can access posts that showcases various memories and information of ancestors recently added by family members.

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