Olof  Skotkonung, King of Sweden b 980


Olof  Skotkonung, King of Sweden, was born before 980 in Uppsala, Sweden and succeeded his father in 995.  He died in Nov 1022 in Kronoberg, Örebro, Sweden

In a Viking expedition to Wendland, Olof captured Edla, the daughter of a Wendish chieftain. As his mistress, they had a son Emund, who become king of Sweden, and a daughter Astrid, who become wife of Olaf II of Norway.

He later married Estrid of the Obotrites, and she bore him the son Anund Jacob and the daughter Ingegerd Olofsdotter.

King Olof stands at the threshold of recorded history, since he is the first Swedish ruler about whom there is substantial knowledge.

According to Adam of Bremen, German Medieval Missionary and historian, Sweyn Forkbeard, King of Denmark, was forced to defend his Danish kingdom from attacks by Olof who claimed the Danish throne.The conflict was resolved by Sweyn’s marriage with Olaf’s mother and the two kings were thereafter allies

In 1000, Olof allied with Sweyn Forkbeard, and with the Norwegian Jarls Eric and Sven, against the Norwegian King Olaf Tryggvason. Olaf Tryggvason died in the Battle of Svolder and Olof gained a part of Trøndelag as well as modern Bohuslän.

When the Norwegian kingdom was reestablished by Olaf II of Norway, a new war erupted between Norway and Sweden. Many men in both Sweden and Norway tried to reconcile the kings.

In 1018, Olof’s cousin, the earl of Västergötland, Ragnvald Ulfsson and the Norwegian king’s emissaries Björn Stallare and Hjalti Skeggiason had arrived at Uppsala in an attempt to sway the Swedish king to accept peace and as a warrant marry his daughter Ingegerd Olofsdotter to the king of Norway. The Swedish king was greatly angered and threatened to banish Ragnvald from his kingdom, but Ragnvald was supported by his foster-father Thorgny Lawspeaker.

Thorgny delivered a powerful speech in which he reminded the king of the great Viking expeditions in the East that predecessors such as Erik Eymundsson and Björn had undertaken, without having the hubris not to listen to their men’s advice. Thorgny, himself, had taken part in many successful pillaging expeditions with Olof’s father Eric the Victorious and even Eric had listened to his men.

The present king wanted nothing but Norway, which no Swedish king before him had desired. This displeased the Swedish people, who were eager to follow the king on new ventures in the East to win back the kingdoms that paid tribute to his ancestors, but it was the wish of the people that the king make peace with the king of Norway and give him his daughter Ingegerd as queen.

Thorgny finished his speech by saying: if you do not desire to do so, we shall assault you and kill you and not brook anymore of your warmongering and obstinacy. Our ancestors have done so, who at Mula thing threw five kings in a well, kings who were too arrogant as you are against us.

However, Olof married his daughter Ingegerd-Irene to Yaroslav I the Wise instead. An impending war was settled when Olof agreed to share his power with his son Anund Jacob. Olof was also forced to accept a settlement with Olaf II of Norway at Kungahälla, who already had been married with Olof’s daughter, Astrid.

Olof was baptised, probably by the missionary Sigfrid, c.1008, and he was the first Swedish king to remain Christian until his death. However, according to Adam of Bremen, the fact that the vast majority of the Swedes were still pagan forced him to limit Christian activities to the already Christian border province of Västergötland.

When he stamped coins in Sigtuna in the province of Uppland Olof used the word rex for king. OLUF REX as in the coin displayed above or OLAF REX. The use of Latin seems to suggest that he was already baptised at this time but on the other hand the coins were imitating English pennies in type and style.

His death is said to have taken place in the winter of 1021–1022. According to a legend he was martyred at Stockholm after refusing to sacrifice to pagan gods. He’s venerated as a saint in the Catholic Church.



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John Edward BLACK 


Olof SKÖTKONUNG King of Sweden b.980


 Olof SKÖTKONUNG King of Sweden is the 32nd great-grandfather of John Edward BLACK.

 Lines of Descent from Olof SKÖTKONUNG King of Sweden

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 Olof SKÖTKONUNG King of Sweden b.980

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Anne Yaroslavna of Kiev RURIK b.1030

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Countess Alix DE COURTENAY b.1160

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Eleanor PLANTAGENET Countess of Arundel b.1318

Alice FITZALAN b.1352

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Philippa de ST. LEGER b.1430

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Elizabeth ISLEY b.1508

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John SOULE Jr. b.1675

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